10 Tools To Find Hashtags For Effective Social Media Marketing.

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What is a hashtag?

The hashtag is a label(#) that is used to group content related to a specific theme on social media.

When was the hashtag first used?

The hashtag was first time used by Chris Messina via tweet dating back to 23 August 2007.

Source: Twitter

Why use the hashtag?

1) According to Buddy Media, hashtags increase the engagement with the content two times.
2) The hashtags extend the exposure and reach of the content.
3) Helps to build community
4) Hashtags are very useful to organize, categorise and find the content easily.

How to find best hashtags?

Here are 10 tools help you to search and find hashtags for your social media marketing campaigns.


Hashtagify helps to find all the related hashtags of your keyword

Find Influencers who use the hashtag

Find how popular and related are other hashtags to your keyword


Helps you to choose best hashtags for your content it gives you strength of hashtags to determine whether they are good or bad.


Keyhole is a complete real-time tracking tool providing information about your hashtag like:
Recent Posts with your hashtags
Reach of your hashtag
Impressions on the hashtag
The Demographics of who used your hashtag 
Location where hashtag is most used
And Influencers who used this hashtag.


Gives you estimate about how far will your hashtag travel and also information about top contributors using your hashtag


Trendsmap gives you information about hashtags that are being used in a selected area
Search trending hashtags based on your geographical location.


Helps you to see how a specific hashtag is used in different social media platforms. Complete data about a hashtag at one place.



Tool to spy on influencer’s in your niche.You can analyse the hashtags used by a twitter account. Find how and what hashtags influencer’s in your niche are using.


It gives you complete statistics about twitter. Information includes the hottest hashtags, users, words and locations which are updated every minute.


Tagdef is useful in finding what a certain hashtag means. It also gives a list of related hashtags and popular hashtags.


You can get the complete list of total mentions of hashtags all over the social media along with the sentiment of that keyword.

Surely it is best to use hashtags on social media, but it will affect negatively if you use too much of hashtags.So, find a relevant and specific hashtag to use.

There is a point between using no hashtags and being a hashole attain that balance point. 

Now go find some great hashtags for your social media marketing.

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