10 Key Elements That Make a Great Startup Name

posted by Raj Kumar Reddy December 6, 2015 1 Comment

Startup name plays very important role in its success, It is the name you will be known by for the rest of your startup’s life it creates your identity. So there is a greater need to name your startup properly.

Here are the 10 key elements that make a great startup name:


Your name should represent what you are going to offer. Let your name do the advertising.
Now we all know what it does


Keep it short, don’t write big sentences representing all the things your company is going do, it’s not your mission statement or bio on tinder.


Look for something that’s easy to remember that sticks. Something that is so memorable, your customers remember even if they have amnesia.


Name your company such that people can spell it easily. You don’t want to name your company name to be ‘Coccinelle’. When people want to write about your brand they end up thinking how many c’s or l’s in it.

5)Easy to say:

Don’t name your company ‘Huawei’ yes, it’s been 10 years since I have known that name still don’t know how to pronounce it properly and I never talk about Huawei to my friends because I might embarrass myself pronouncing it wrong.


As soon as you create your name ask people to say it to hear how it sounds you don’t want to end up like
Who Represents(company name)—

7)No numbers/No Symbols/No smileys:

Don’t use them nobody bothers to remember them and they are lost along the way.
If you name your startup I am-naming– imagine sharing this with your friend’s

Ok one space, then comes one dash, then two dashes nobody gives shit ok about those?


Make it unique.
You don’t want to confuse your customers with your name, make them think about some other company when they hear your brand name.


Would you be able to use your company’s after 10 years?
Does it still sound good?
Don’t name it based on trends they don’t last long

10)No Jargons/Puns/Slangs:

Don’t use them because most people won’t get them, and sense of humor is not something that everyone has.
They might be offensive too.

Additional Tip:
Keep room
Yes, don’t limit your name to a specific place or category it will be hard when you expand.

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