How To Name Your Startup?

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I assume you already read

10 key elements that make a great startup name

Second hardest thing after developing a startup idea is coming up with the name for your startup.All the good names are already taken or you cannot afford the domain which you like.

So here are the steps that help you to name your startup.

Step 1: Related names

Brain Dump:
Think about all the words that come to your mind when you think about your company.
What do you offer?

What benefits your customer will gain?
What problems are you going to solve?
What are the goals you plan on achieving?
What do stand for or represent?

Now create the web something like.

These are just some questions you can  create many others related to your startup, now try answering them in keywords. If you found your keyword by now that is unique and has a domain name available well and great
Start forming secondary webs for the keywords you like most.

Write down those keyword’s other meanings. (synonyms)
Still couldn’t get one.

Try spelling them in a different way such that they still make sense.

Example: Disqus(Discuss)

Try adding the letters at the start or end of your keywords.

Example: iPhone(phone)

 Maybe try plurals.


  Come up with Acronyms

Example: IBM

I strongly suggest coming up with the name that is related to what you do. I suggest you prefer the self-explanatory names at the start because it takes a lot of time and advertising bucks to make people understand what you stand for.If everything fails then only start making up the name

STEP:2: Unrelated names

Start making up names:

Example: Zynga

Come up with something unrelated:

Example: Apple.



STEP 3: (Last case)

Use your Initials or co-founders.

Example: Dell

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