10 Uber Like Apps Those Offer Services On Tap.

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Uber launched a ride-sharing app which is now valued more than $50 billion, making it highest valued startup of recent times.Rather than gathering resources they leveraged on platforms, where providers and customers meet and gain massive value.

Uber inspired many entrepreneurs to develop similar on-demand apps for services ranging from getting your clothes washed to ordering marijuana.

Here are the 10 Uber like apps.

1.Instacart: Grocery Delivery

Valuation: $2 billion

Instacart helps you get your groceries delivered at your doorstep, It connects customers who need to buy groceries to the people who are ready to shop and deliver for them.

2.Washio: On demand dry cleaning and laundry delivered

Valuation: $10.5 million

Washio helps you to get your laundry done. A Customer who wants his/her clothes washed can place an order then Washio ninja picks up the dirty clothes and wash them according to conditions specified by the customer and delivers clean clothes at their doorstep. Best part this is all done within 24hrs.

3.Task Rabbit: For different tasks

Valuation: $134.55 million

Task rabbit connects people who want to get their tasks done on their to do list with the people who have the skills and time to perform them.

4.DogVacay: Dog boarding app

Valuation:$141.6 million

DogVacay connects you with a pet sitter nearby who can take care of your pet when you are away. They provide the right sitter for every type of pet based on your pet’s needs.


5.UrbanSitter: Find Babysitters & Nannies

This app lets you find most trusted babysitters and nannies around you and schedule one to come to your place to look after your kids when you are busy.

6.Zeel: In Home Spa Therapists

Zeel helps you find a licensed, vetted massage therapist to come to your home, hotel, workplace, and event in as little as an hour.

7.Munchery: Healthy Food Delivery Service

Valuation: $300 million

Munchery helps to order food cooked by professional chefs to be delivered at your doorstep at an affordable price.

8.Heal: Doctor house calls for adults and kids

Heal lets you schedule  an appointment of a doctor to visit you at your place. It promises you to deliver a doctor at your doorstep under an hour.

9.Handy – Book trusted home cleaners & handymen

Valuation: $500 Million.

Helps you to book handyman, plumber, painter, electrician, or a cleaner to come to your house, based on the task you want to get done.

10.Eaze: For Marijuana

This app will let you get medical marijuana card and marijuana at your doorstep within minutes.With funding in millions and backers like Snoop Dogg this weed delivery startup is looking to take over the legal marijuana industry.

There is a whole army of on-demand apps which are making Urban lives easier by delivering services at your door step.
“Uber for X” has become a popular business model. With Increasing number of smartphones and usage of apps, these on-demand apps are not dying down anytime soon.
Still are they are many services and regions that are untouched by these on demand apps, here comes your chance to develop your own “Uber for X” app.

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