4 Ways To Raise Money Online For Your Startup.

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Each day things we traditionally do offline are shifting online from buying clothes to ordering food.The advent of raising money online also started
And many high-end CEO’s think these are the future ways of raising money for startups.

Here are 4 ways to raise money online for your startup completely online:

1.Peer-to-Peer lending:

These websites allow people to lend money to each other without any involvement of financial institutions like banks.

 Some good  players in this space are.



Crowdfunding is the process of raising money from small contributions from a large group of people.

Some good players in this space are


3.Online Money Lenders

These are the  websites that lend you money as working capital loan.

*I used PayPal working capital to explain there are many other lenders, with different conditions and process of repayments

Some good players in this space are



Factoring is a process in which you sell your receivable payments to third party funding source at discount price.Factoring can be done when, you sold your goods or services and your payment can be received only after a certain amount of the time, but you need money urgently.

Some good players in this space are:

These ways are not as famous as regular ways of raising the money but the rate at which they are growing they will sure become prominent ways to raise money for startups.
So keep an eye out Entrepreneurs.

Do you know more ways to raise money online?

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